Who pays for what?

the BUYER is liable for

1.Transfer fees(payable to Transfer Attorney)

2.Transfer duty(tax payable to SARS) or VAT

3. Bond registration fees(payable to the Bond Attorneys)

4.Home Owners Association Consent fee  * 

5.Body Corporate levy clearance fee (sectional title) * 

6.The costs of complying with special bond conditions

7.Occupational interest pending transfer(when delayed by buyer) *

9. Special Levies imposed by a Body Corporate before transfer if payable in installments, then the buyer inherits the balance on a pro rata basis as from the date of transfer

10. Bank Initiation fees

* If applicable

the SELLER is liable for

1. Agents commission

2. All appropriate and necessary certificates of compliance, e.g Electrical Certificate

3. Bond cancellation fees *

4. Advanced rates clearance figures

5. Levies up to date of transfer

6. Special Levies imposed by a Body Corporate before transfer:

   6.1 If payable in a lump sum, or

   6.2 If payable in installments the seller 

         pays up until the date of transfer

7. 90 -day penalty interest if a bond must be canceled and notice wasn't given in advance *

8. Capital Gains Tax *

9. Home Owners Consent *

* If applicable